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Welcome to MyParenTime.com Welcome to MyParenTime.com! We are a community of 4 websites that provides valuable information in forms such as: informative articles, free & premium printable checklists, child & family safety information, & much more! We're not only for parents -- we have something here to interest everyone.

Some other things you'll find here are special reviews on books, music, movies and products, online games, and calculators, and pregnancy & parenting information. While you're here, we hope you find something of interest, and come back often to see what's new. :)

MyParenTime.com Articles, Reviews & More We have approximately 1100 articles in our old article section, in categories such as: Parenting, Children & Family, Health, Education, Safety, Internet-related, and Business & Finance. In order to expand this area, we've opened a new article area with a new format. This new area will not only include articles, but other content as well. Our old article section will remain as it is for now, but because of the format of the new section, we will be able to provide you with more content, more often. In addition, you can now post comments. We invite you to submit your own articles for inclusion in our new area. Click here to enter our new article area.

MyParenTime.com Updates Our new Update section will help us keep you informed of everything that is happening in our community of 4 sites: MyParenTime.com, PrintableChecklists.com, StopSexOffenders.com, and JupiterParents.com. This new update section will replace our What's New page, and will also allow you to post your comments as well. Click here to view our new update area.

My ParenTime's Family Community BooksWe currently have 3 books available: Babysitter's Checklists & Report Journal for Parents, My Dog's Checklists & Journal, and I Know Safety: A Rhyming Story to Help Young Children Learn About Safety. Find out more about each one by clicking on the book covers below.

PrintableChecklists.com Checklist Books  PrintableChecklists.com Checklist Books  PrintableChecklists.com Checklist Books

We'd like to remind our visitors: if you ever receive any unsolicited emails from someone "@myparentime.com," please know that it was NOT sent by us. We value your privacy and have not, nor will we ever, sell or use your email for anything other than our mailing list. Please click here to learn more about spam.

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