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My ParenTime's Family Community is a family community that aims to inform, educate, & entertain! At My ParenTime you'll find an abundance of informative articles, helpful resources, fun games, and so much more! We're not only for parents - we have topics to interest everyone!

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After you pay for your ad, you will be redirected to our contact page. If for any reason you are not forwarded, please email us to confirm information about your website. For banner & button advertising, please use our contact page for information.*

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View our About Us page for more information on myparentime.com. View this page for well-known sightings of our partner site, StopSexOffenders.com.

We update our site continuously, with even more free resources and informative content for our Internet visitors. Read some of our testimonials!

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CONTACT US to discuss placing a text ad with myparentime.com.

All rates are monthly unless otherwise stated. Rates are also for run-of-site, unlimited impressions. When we reap the benefits of our popularity, so do you! We are always welcoming new advertisers -- we'd be pleased to welcome you to our family. :)

If you are interested in placing a new text ad on myparentime.com, or another type of ad (banners, buttons, text in newsletter) or other form of advertisement, please contact us -- we'll send you a reply email with more information. We will send you the link where you could pay online, or the mailing address where to send a check or money order. Your ad is generally placed within a day after payment is received by us. If payment is made prior to securing placement via email, and all slots are filled, we will hold your payment until the next available opening, or apply your credit towards other ad locations. Please email us for availability before making payments.

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